NOVA Retail Solutions has extensive experience in all facets of retail businesses. From finding the perfect location to hand selecting the finishes, our experienced project managers tailor the stores to deliver a high end product

Jewelry Stores
Medical Practice Offices
Physician Practice Offices
Dental Practice Offices
Yoga Studios
Martial Arts Studios

In addition to the above, NOVA Retail Solutions specializes in building space for the hospitality industry.

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Restaurant and Food Service

If you are looking for a builder to build out a stand alone restaurant, you are in the right place. NOVA retail solutions has extensive experience in building the following types of food services:

Fast food restaurants
Full service restaurants
Self service restaurants
Property management & renovations

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Property Management | Consulting

When we manage your property, you do not have to worry about finding the right contractors for the right job. That is because we provide any build-outs, maintenance work, new construction and improvements all in one package.

LOD / Surveys
“As-Built” Plans
Budgets / Estimating / Lease Cost Analysis
Conceptual Design / “Test Fits”
Vanilla Shell, Warm Shell, White Box Construction
Work Letter Estimating and Construction
Property Maintenance and Renovations

Our consulting experts are experienced in the following areas:

Construction Management Scheduling
Lease Review
Design & Plan Review
Site Analysis

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